The nonprofit organization “New Development Technologies” (NDT) was founded to support implementation of social development projects, provision of services facilitating the training and retraining of education, science, and innovation workforce, as well as evaluation, monitoring and provision of advisory services in the fields of science, education, municipal government, development of small and medium-sized businesses, and social development.


  • Design, implementation and support of comprehensive regional and municipal socio-economic development programs.

  • Support in modernization of regional systems of general education, as well as secondary and higher professional education.

  • Support in modernization of administration systems of institutions of higher learning.

  • Development of technology transfer systems at the level of regions and institutions of higher learning.

  • Development of international activities of Russian institutions of higher learning.

  • Organization of international expertise of education and science projects of various degrees of complexity.

  • Development of regional innovation infrastructures.

  • Development of youth initiatives support systems.

  • Development and support of local community initiatives in various spheres, including social entrepreneurship and housing education.

  • Development and support of small and medium-sized businesses in the Russian regions and municipalities.

  • Support in harmonization of migration processes.

  • Development of conflict prevention systems at regional and local levels.